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User comments on Plusnet on the ADSL Guide


User comments on Plusnet on the ADSL Guide

Note the share price post. It looks like Plusnet are on a slippery slope... in the wrong direction.

Good thing I don't have any Plusnet shares (and I'm not shorting them or buying puts either, just observing).

I come here after being shut out by Plusnet authentication failure for a whole day to find hundreds, no thousands of postings complaining about Plusnet service, email destruction, speed, disconnections, LLU, Tiscali, customer service, etc. etc. and I am not impressed. Of course if everything was working properly I wouldn't be here at all, I would be happily getting on with whatever it is that I normally do. I certainly didn't sign up for an ISP service just to spend all my time checking their website for service status and filing complaint tickets and browsing forums trying to figure out what's going on.

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