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Usenet download speeds


Usenet download speeds

Hi there.

I've recently had my connection upgraded (6016 kbps/448 kbps) and I've decided to take advantage of my new speeds by signing upto a newsgroup service. Now, today, I've tried two seperate services and Plus' own and I seem to be getting a maximum of 50kb/s [maximum - it tends to bounce between this and 20~].

Is this anything to do with Plus' throttling policies? Will this pick up later in the evening? Is there anything I can do to upgrade my experience?

Thanks for your time,

Usenet download speeds

i 2 use usenet and ever since they upgraded me 2 llu its been a nightmare to get good speeds ,best in the mornings!
just goes to show that its so unstable the speeds are .
The only thing 2 do is fine a better isp but whereHuh