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Usage management and traffic shaping questions.


Usage management and traffic shaping questions.

Hey guys,

I'm sure you've heard these questions before but I couldn't really find any answers that satisfied me!

I've just had an email that says I'm on Level 1 peak-time management.

This means that my entire service is slower during which hours? Or not my entire service? Only P2P, Usenet, FTP? Because right now, my speeds (and latencies) are shocking (400kb on 2Mb), but I'm not entirely sure why that is. Normally I get pretty much line speed. PN's speed test reports decent speeds tho so I guess I am hitting the limiters.

Basically, my query is: will the traffic shaping I currently have applied affect my online gaming? I don't really care about P2P and am willing to fit it into PN's requirements. (off peak defined as midnight to 8am?) What i do need is a decent ping. Wink

Also, are the warnings and limits applied pro-rata on a less than monthly timescale? Because I just looked at my usage, and it's this:

8am to 4pm usage this month: 13.68GB
4pm to midnight usage this month: 17.85GB
Total usage this month: 48.53GB

[edit] I'm on Premier £21.99 [/edit]
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Usage management and traffic shaping questions.

level 1 management only applies to peak time downloading on P2P/FTP/Usenet and nothing else! hope this helps!