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Usage Allowance - I feel like I've been really naughty!


Usage Allowance - I feel like I've been really naughty!

This month is the first time I have reached level1 of my download allowance. To some people this is probably a regular occurrence, but as its my first I feel rather naughty.

Having reached these levels I really sympathise with people who have been moaning about the limits we have.

This month has seen - not huge amounts of torrenting, but in fact a series of both exciting and unfortunate events.

1. I get round to downloading the MS beta of Office 2003. (nice healthy chunk of download)
2. My Half-life 2 dvd has decided that copying all the necessary files to my PC is just too much of a task in the hot weather and gives up half way through, with various cleaning and retry attempts I give up and download the thing from steam - thank goodness for steam (didn't think I'd ever say that)
3. Microsoft release public Beta2 of Vista, and of course I give that a go at downloading (both the x86 and x64 flavours) which is probably the main reason for me going over my limits....

Yes I know I could have kicked them off for 'off peak' downloads but come on its vista beta2! Just getting a connection to MS is a blessing, and not something I was going to leave until off peak began.

Just thank goodness I hadn't spent the month VOIPing or downloading content from SkyBroadband or I would probably be giving my marching orders.

So in conclusion - not really a big rant but just an observation. Level1 is very easy to reach!
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Usage Allowance - I feel like I've been really naughty!

I know your pain last month i reached 30GB in just purly downloads, nice to know your not a idiot that uses P2P or bittorrent raping this country's network for all it is worth, people should use newsgroups alright its not free but its alot better and faster, plus it doesnt screw everyone in the UK's bandwidth.

And vista beta2 is really good i rather like it but im still not going to buy it when it comes out, im not into operating systems that like to monitor what you do, XP is bad enough as it is with all these new WGA's, maybe if M$ stopped treating its customers like criminals i would change my mind.

But unfortunatly with vista comes the arival of direct x 10, now this will hurt me and many other gamers where it hurts, with it only being avalible on vista i think its a joke that M$ should just ditch its XP customers and force many people onto vista.

Well im not sure on the new office and i certainly dont like IE7 its just another copy of firefox that came to late, and its still not strict on html code so you still get all these wannabe website desighners but what can you do?

I mainly use off peak though as most people are asleep and downloads userally go alot faster.