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You said "You can use a broadband service within seven days"
But I am still waiting to set up a service... I think I am waiting too long time.

I would like to complain about your poor service which is too difficult to contact with you. I tried to make a call several times and send an email to inquiries something but it does not work properly. That is why I am very stressful and also I would like to cancel your service.

Please give me a call on 07917825710.
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Did you elect to pay by Direct Debit. If so this can delay the ADSK connection by several days to the activation while it is being setup. Only after PN have verfied your banking details are correct will they put the order into BT. Added to that hat BT have a lot or work on with the Max upgrades so response times will be slower.

The ticket / question system is the way to contact PN if you can't by phone. You can find that under help & Support.

Also posting your phone number on a public message board that is read by lots of people is not a good idea.