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Urgent - Is this right?


Urgent - Is this right?

Hi All

I was connecting to the net using a Netgear DG834GT via a connection labelled ‘LAN or High Speed Internet’ in network connections. Today a new connection has appeared in same window under ‘Internet Gateway’. When I try to access ‘settings’ under the properties tab, it says that the ‘Internet sharing computer is not configured to let network users control or disable the shared Internet connection’.

1) I did not create this connection, does XP do this? If so why now after weeks of use?
2) I’m using a single PC. Not using the wireless capability or the router.

I may be being really stupid with this but should I be worried? Virus and Firewall seem fine and show no problems.


P.S. Further to above.. after disconneting and re-boot, connection has gone. Would still like some tips on what this was?
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Urgent - Is this right?

What you are seeing is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about - it is not a virus or an infection. Why it should suddenly appear I don't know but all netgear DG834 based routers normally have this listed in connection settings on XP. It may relate to UPNP being enabled. Have you changed any router settings recently?

In addition, it does not need to be there for correct operation of your connection.
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Urgent - Is this right?

it is related to uPNP, if you enable uPNP in the network connections then XP asks the router for uPNP data and it usually adds on the Internet Gateway Icon, however it does have a tendency just to disappear suddenly, usually if your router doesn't send info to XP quick enough