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Urgent Help: No Buesiness BB connection for nearly 2 weeks!

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Registered: 23-08-2007

Urgent Help: No Buesiness BB connection for nearly 2 weeks!


Re Plusnet Account Name: WesternAir (NOT my Plusnet account)

If there is someone here who can pass an issue onto management I would be grateful for any assistance.

A customer of mine has has no Internet connection for nearly two weeks and there seems to be some issue with getting BT to check the exchange to see where the fault is.

The symptoms are that they are getting synchronized to the exchange but no data (IP or ATM) is getting passed on to either BT or Plusnet.

They cannot logon with any of several routers or USB devices we have used.

Frankly it should not take this length of time to get matters investigated and resolved (especially as they have a Plusnet Business Account)

As nothing seems to be happening between Plusnet and BT, the last resort may be to request a MAC so they can migrate to another ISP who might be more interested in pressing BT into action.

As a last attempt to get matters resolved I am posting here to ensure that something happens in short order to resolve this.

Please update the open ticket on the above account with meaningful and relevant information on when this matter will be resolved. If this takes contact from management to liaise with BT then all the better.

Kind Regards

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Urgent Help: No Buesiness BB connection for nearly 2 weeks!


I have had a look at the account and a lot of the delay seems to be a problem with booking an engineer and then the engineer not going to site on the requested date. One of the faults team has advised that the earliest date we are able to make an engineers appointment for is the 20th.

We have no ability to get an engineer any sooner than this as there simply is no spare engineer time.

If you would like to get dates from your friend and let me know when this is done, I will ensure that this is booked and confirmed as soon as possible. (I am only here until 5pm this evening, but I will be in at 8am tomorrow)

We do apologise for the delay in this being resolved.

Urgent Help: No Buesiness BB connection for nearly 2 weeks!

Hi Sam,

Well the exchange in question always seems to be well stocked with BT engineers. There are multiple vans parked outside most of the time.

I really doubt that BT really has a shortage of engineers to attend to resolve the problem.

If BT are not being helpful, delaying or prevaricating with resolving this issue then I find it unbelievable that you have no contacts within BT / Openreach management you can use to resolve this for your customer?

Is Plusnet really that low down on the ISP "pecking order" that BT can get away with just ignoring the contract you must have with then to provide your customers with Broadband services?

That does not bode well for the future! Come on guys it really is time that you sorted this issue out once and for all and give your customer what they are paying for.

Get BT involved and working on this issue and get it resolved ASAP otherwise you may be loosing yet another customer.