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Upstream Speed badly degraded 832k -> 448k


Upstream Speed badly degraded 832k -> 448k

Hi Guys,

I wonder if I could ask for a bit of advice from someone who knows more about how ADSL connections at the exchange are managed. My situation is this:

I was upgraded to ADSL Max Premium mid-April. For the first three weeks everything was great - downstream speed around 6.5-7Mbps and upstream 800-832Kbps. Then, a couple of weeks ago my connection dropped and when it came back a couple of minutes later my upstream sync had dropped to 448kbps (the value for a non-premium account.) Since then I've rebooted, reconnected, powered-cycled umpteen times, and I always have an upstream sync of 448. Downstream still varies from 6-7Mbps.

Plusnet support tell me that this is just the rate-adaptive nature of ADSL, but I find that hard to believe. Surely I would expect to see upstream speed varying on re-connection rather than sticking at 448. The fact that I had a rock-solid connection for the first three weeks at 800kbps would indicate that my line is capable of this speed.

So - my question is, is it possible that there's been an error or fault at the exchange that would mean I'm connected to a non-premium line? Anyone else had similar issues? Any other explanations gratefully received icon_smile.gif



Upstream Speed badly degraded 832k -> 448k

Hi Alan.

I see that you have posted this issue to the Community Support forum.

Cross posting, is not helpful and can cause duplication and confusion, never mind being against the rules.

As such I am locking this thread in favour of your original post.

I hope you understand.