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Upstream SNR drop

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Registered: 07-09-2007

Upstream SNR drop

I've reported real noise problems with my line in the past (even prior to MAX) but since found that my router reports [up/down]stream SNR the wrong way around, so this is a slightly more curious fault.

I have MAX and it has been rock stable for a month details as follows:

I have interleaving and my downstream SNR/Attenuation is stable at 9.0dB/60dB respectively.

My upstream SNR/Attenuation has (3 days ago) fallen from 20dB/30db to 6dB/30dB.

My upload speed has subsequently fallen to 200kb/s.

I have a face plate master filter and yes I've tried all the bellwire and direct connection tricks.

I've also tried the quiet line test and can barely hear noise on the line, probably because if there is any it is affecting the upsteam audio not downstream.

Will PlusNet deal with such a problem or am I stuck with a slow upload speed?

Also what else can I do to get this fixed; if any noise is barely audiable then will BT take this seriously, and if they do, am I the likely to get charged for a call out?


Upstream SNR drop

Just a suggestion; have you had a thunderstorm lately? There are quite a few posts on various forums concerning problems with Max after storms.