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Upgrading to +Net BB from Freeserve Anytime......


Upgrading to +Net BB from Freeserve Anytime......

Just a quick question, hopefully straightforward enough to answer!!

I have had everything confirmed by +Net and am just waiting for BT to activate the line and then receive my hardware etc, should i cancel my Freeserve Anytime account now or wait until it is all sorted?

Do +Net offer a dialup service as an interim solution or am i best hanging on?

Thanks in advance for any advice!! Smiley

Upgrading to +Net BB from Freeserve Anytime......

PlusNet offer a Pay as You Go service for backup acess purposes, which you can use in the time being.

I would not cancel your Anytime account however, as there is no such thing as being confirmed to receive ADSL until after you are activated.


Thanks for that!

I'll wait then!!! Smiley

Upgrading to +Net BB from Freeserve Anytime......

don't cancel your anytime account - simply ask for it to be downgraded to a 'no ties' account - that way you will still be able to access emails sent to your freeserve account - they can be collected by Plusnet Webmail or accessed through the freeserve website - mine is still running 18 months on -I just have to 'retrieve' it occasionally - it's useful for people who don't get round to hanging their address books very often


Good option!! Thanks for that i will seriously consider it!!


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Upgrading to +Net BB from Freeserve Anytime......

I've heard rumours that Freeserve have been known to continue charging "by accident" when you cancel anytime, or even upgrade to their own broadband.

You can continue to access your Freeserve email over POP3 as well, if you use PlusNet broadband - I do it Cheesy


Thanks again for all the replies above!!

Just another quickie - i have now been told that my activation date is 10th Feb after 12pm (wahoo), so bearing in mind that +net state that hardware is sent out 2 days prior to activiation and that would be on Sunday (can't imagine delivery people work on a Sunday)- in your experiences does that mean my hardware should turn up tomorrow??

Need to know if i have to stay in and wait for it that's all!!

Thanks again! Smiley