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Upgrading to Broadband

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Upgrading to Broadband

I am just about to order an upgrade from my Plusnet home 0808 account to a self-install broadband account. Three questions come to mind:

1/ If I put the order through when will my 0808 account stop working?

2/ When will I be charged for my first broadband payment?

3/ In the upgrade form it says: "ADSL migration costs £35.00 (£41.13 including VAT) for the complete transfer." - Is this something extra I have to pay BT?

Many thanks, Stefan

Upgrading to Broadband

Migration only applies when tranfering a ADSL line from one ISP to another. (EG, from BTO to +Net)

As suhc, you have to pay the activation charge ogf £58.75 or £70.50 depending on which contract you go for.

As for when the 0808 number.

You will still have access to this, until your phone line is confirmed to +Net as active.