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Upgrading to Broadband and moving to Linux

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Registered: 13-08-2007

Upgrading to Broadband and moving to Linux

I am thinking about upgrading to broadband. I have very little knowledge about the technical aspects of broadband as against using dial-up.

I also have a desire to dabble with Linux OS. I have purchased a copy of SuSE 8.2, which I have got working on my PC as a dual boot with XP. The only thing that doesn't work in Linux is the modem - because it is a winmodem. I have looked at "workarounds" and it makes my head hurt!

Therefore the easy way is to purchase a router and I might as well get broadband while I'm at it.

My questions are, bearing in mind I am completely useless with all this techical stuff :
1. Is the "free" modem PlusNet offer any good and will it work with Linux without to much effort?
2. Same question but for the BT VOYAGER 2000 router.

Upgrading to Broadband and moving to Linux

The best thing about a router is there is no install on the pc as the router does all the dialing for you.

An adsl router will do for winxp and linux.

All you need to do is set up linux to use a network and get its ip from dhcp and it should go straight away. Once the router is set up it doesnt matter which O/S you use as long as you get the network setting right.

With a modem you would need the drivers for each O/S ad would have to set it up for each O/S