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Upgrading from 512 to 2mb


Upgrading from 512 to 2mb

Whats the procedure. I was told once that we had to cancel the service, signup for another line check, the start a new service.

SURELY this can't be true!!!?? SURELY, there is a smooth transition method, I can't believe for a minute that businesses who want to upgrade could do without internet for anything up to 6 weeks!!!! (That's how long it took PN/BT to get us sorted originally!).


Upgrading from 512 to 2mb

took me 4 weeks for the upgrade to 2meg...and omg it is well worth the wait

and i mean well worth the wait

Upgrading from 512 to 2mb

It had taken me 2 months. :/

Its the long road for something good.

But i got me 2MB in the end Cheesy

Upgrading from 512 to 2mb

I think that everyone is missing my point completely.

If, as I was originally told, that in order to upgrade to 2mb, the 512 service has to be suspended during the upgrade process - SURELY no one would be prepared to wait 4-8 weeks without an internet connection for the privilegeHuh??

How does the actual upgrade process take place - anyone - PN - anyoneHuh?
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Upgrading from 512 to 2mb

Yes the replies to your post are isolated cases.
There is some outage time with this upgrade but I don't know exactly how long.
I suspect it will be the 7-10 days that is normal for a new provide because this is how they treat it. (BT anyway)

You would be better off using the link:Contact Us system and asking the question directly to Plusnet Staff.