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Upgrading Questions


Upgrading Questions

I currently have quite an old ADSL package with Plusnet - it's called Home Surf, and it is a 512 connection with no bandwidth limitations as far as I am aware. It costs £18.99 per month.

I have noticed that BT have upped their limits on a 1mb connection to 60db. This now means that I am eligible to upgrade with Plusnet to a 1mb connection.

The Plusnet website says that this will cost me an extra fiver - £23.99 which sounds like a good deal, until I noticed that they have started to introduce bandwidth capping. I download files, play online games and stream video etc, all of which means that the 2 GB restriction might be too small. I really used to hate 'pay as you go' dial up, so I don't want to get sucked back into restricted internet usage if I can help it. It looks like unrestricted 1mb is 29.99.

What happens if I pay for 2gb bandwidth and I creep up to 3gb - what extra charges will I incur? If I only use 1 gb in january, then can I carry forward the extra 1gb into february? Can it be banked?

I use Home Surf at the moment, what are the differences between that old package and the new ones - aside from speed and costs etc? I am thinking along the lines of webspace, cgi, p2p etc?

Are there any costs to be paid if I migrate from 512 Home Surf to a new 1mb package? I want to stay with Plusnet, as I have always had excellent service from them.