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Upgrading Account


Upgrading Account


I’ve just transferred to PlusNet and I am on ADSL NetStart Self-Install – Annual Contract (as that is the equivalent to my previous ISPs package). I am looking to upgrade to one of the Business Packages. My problem is which one? I’ve looked all over the site and got myself confused. What I am trying to do is:

Run a small business network of up to 10 machines, with several in a DMZ – mail server, FTP server, Web Server (limited access to Company + Associates).

From the above I will need 3 static addresses, plus 1 for a gateway. I am also concerned about bandwidth – the 256k upload maybe a limiting factor here, especially if 2 external users are ftping files at the same time. One question, is does the upload speed increase with the downlink, ie does a 1M connection give 512k up, or is there a limit on the uplink bandwidth?

One other question occurs, does moving to say the 1M office package, require more than one regrade?

Any recommendations?

Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask, I’m still finding my way around.

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Upgrading Account

All ADSL products have an 256K upload speed. The only way to get a faster upload speed is to use SDSL but this is not supplied by plusnet, is VERY expensive and is only available in a few city centres around the UK.

Can't help with the bisiness package selection but the regrade prices will depend on whether your contention changes. Netstart is a 50:1 product whereas some of the other business products are 20:1 so if you change your speed and contention the upgrade charge is higher I believe than just a speed increase.

The static address issue is not a problem. You can get blocks of 4, 8 or 16 IP addresses from Plusnet at no additional charge.

Upgrading Account

Thanks Peter,

The reason I asked is that it maybe cheaper to host the File sharing (FTP) with a Hosting Company. The question is the cost of bandwidth though. I may live with my currect setup and see how it goes.