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Upgraded this week and now have sync probs


Upgraded this week and now have sync probs

Hi all, total newbie on here but been with PN since 2003. Like many (all) of you I too have seen a decline in thire so called service. I've only just upgraded my account from the easy start package(£25pm!!) to the BB+ this week. what I would say is that whilst my computer is now probaly a crock of carp and when experiencing slow download of http pages I have often blamed the computer, I cannot ever remember having sync problems but now my binatone adls500 frequently goes into training mode every minute or so ever since they moved me over to this ever unachievable 8mb line and it keeps dropping out. Want to go back to my original 1mb line.

Any ideas what it could be? can't be purely coincidental that my internal BT lines have developed a loose wire just when they've upgraded me, surely?? Do I need to reinstall the modem?? Tonight has been ok though, 15 mins and no drops.

Ta in advance

The Manc

Upgraded this week and now have sync probs

Cripes - you may not have chosen the best time to switch from "Easy Start" to "BB+" as there has been a lot of speed problems very recently - but give it a chance, and see how it goes for you.

How long has it been since you were upgraded to DSLmax ("up to 8Mbit")?

You may need to give it several days, possibly up to 10 days, for line training/adaption to settle down.

Upgraded this week and now have sync probs

To echo what mchorton has said, on switching to MaxDSL your connection may be unstable for a period of up to ten days as the exchange attempts to determine the maximum stable rate your line can support.

As MaxDSL is more sensitive to noise and poor internal wiring it might also be worth trying the following-
1. Check that all telephone points and extensions have microfilters installed.
2. Try swapping the microfilter for your modem with another one, either new or from elsewhere in the house.
3. Unplug everything from your the phone line and plug your modem directly into the master socket or- better still- into the test socket (see Q30 here for how to find your test socket).

If all else fails and ten days have passed since the re-grade, try a different modem to see if your line continues dropping.

That being the case run a "Broadband Fault Check" from "Connection Settings" to raise a ticket.

If PN can't sort it out then, they should be able to regrade you back to 1Mbps for free.