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Upgrade to Premier from Plus


Upgrade to Premier from Plus

I am currently on a 512k Plus package awaiting an exchange upgrade. However I am thinking of moving to a Premier package, does this automatically include a speed regrade?

If not I trust I will have to fork out the £15 quid?Huh

Upgrade to Premier from Plus

Hi there,

the move between products will not mean an automatic free speed upgrade. You will still be in line for the free upgrade as part of the BT process, providing your line will suport it.

If you cant wait, then the £14.99 upgrade fee will apply.

Upgrade to Premier from Plus

Cheers thanks for the info..I will mull that one over for a bit.. Cheesy


I didn't want to bother stating a new thread for this as it's along similar lines.

I'm currently paying £21.99 (minus a couple of referrals) for a 512kb connection and web space. When I purchased the package a couple of years ago it was called PlusNet Home. Now I see that for the same money and features I can get PlusNet Premier with the 2MB connection.

I've checked my local BT exchange and it can supply a 2MB connection.

My question is do I have to wait until BT or PlusNet give me a free upgrade or am I supposed to request it?

I'm just worried that I'm missing out. Everyone else seems to be getting free upgrades. I feel like I'm being left behind whilst still paying the same price.
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Upgrade to Premier from Plus

Welcome to the forums.

You will be included in the free upgrade process, providing your line will support 2Mb.

You can check when BT *plan* to upgrade users on your exchange by putting your phone number into

Bear in mind, that this is the planned month, and many exchanges are running behind schedule.

Upgrade to Premier from Plus


Apparently the upgrades on my local exchange where supposed to commence in May. That's two to three months ago! They really are behind schedule aren't they?

Oh well. I guess I'll just keep waiting.