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Upgrade to 1Mbit refund if Faulty?

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Registered: 04-08-2007

Upgrade to 1Mbit refund if Faulty?

Hi All (mainly FAO PlusNET staff)

I'm considering upgrading my 512k ADSL line to 1Mbit in the near future... However after reading some of the recent post in the thread Random disconnects?? How many are there of us? Post here. I'm not so sure that it's worth the hassle..

A theory in the thread suggests that users are experiencing connection problem, after upgrading to 1Mbit from 512k connections, due to a bad quality line.. A line which is find for 512k but not fully stable enough to support 1Mbit, despite tests showing that the line is able (otherwise the line wouldn't have been upgraded)

The question is, would that sort of fault be covered as part of the activation refund for a duff upgrade? I mean if I were to upgrade to 1mbit then started experiencing similar disconnections myself, would I be able to drop back to 512k and get a refund of the upgrade fee, under the grounds that the upgrade wasn't infact possible?

Just curious as to what would happen that's all.. Last thing I want is to upgrade, then have to pay to downgrade back again to 512 after finding that my line is infact not fully capable of supporting 1Mbit..

Upgrade to 1Mbit refund if Faulty?

This will be good? I myself came off 512 last weak to the 2gb package [and had nothing but trouble,running a ticket the now] its worse than the old dial up,wish i had never changed now[cost me £30 too change and now regreting doing it].