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Upgrade to 1MB problems

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Upgrade to 1MB problems

I have had my connection from Plusnet for some six months running successfully at 512. The loop loss reported by my Draytek 2600 router is steady at 54dB plus or minus a dB or so. The signal to noise ratio reported by the router is around 10dB. On Monday the line was upgraded to 1024. the result is that the line now performs at about 256! I normally run the router off an extension socket supplied by ADSL Nation. After extensive tests I have established the following.

1. If the router is plugged into the test socket with everything else disconnected the SNR is around 22dB and it works perfectly at 1024.
2. If the faceplate is replaced and just the router plugged with no other items connected to any sockets the SNR drops to around 10dB and the speed drops to about 256 or less.
3. Plugging all the equipment back in does not alter the SNR.

From this I conclude that quite a lot of noise is being introduced by the wiring. I cannot get a definitive response as the likely attitude by BT from PLUS. BT installed all the wiring but the BT phone droids suggested that any wiring after the main socket was the user's problem. However, when the BT engineer visited after the 512 install failed due to RF filters on the line he altered all the cable connections and installed a new specification master (Test?) socket so I assumed the wiring was up to scratch. I have the option to replace the existing wiring starting from scratch but don't want the delay until my tame electrician can do it next week due to the fact I am unable to do the work myself. So where to go from here. Do I try bending ears of the PLUS support people or is there some other way of getting BT to resolve matters? If I do have to get the rewire done should I use the standard telephone cable as sold by Screwfix under part number 17421 or should I consider CAT5E instead. Any constructive suggestions would be most welcome. TIA.

Upgrade to 1MB problems

Just had the same problem.

Connected via internal sockets, the SNR was bad, as soon as i connected to the test socket it worked a treat.

Have you managed to sort anything out as i am looking into getting mine sorted!


Upgrade to 1MB problems


The test socket disconnects all other items from telephone wiring, so this means that there is an item or two that is interfering with with the connection, could be Sky box or a faulty phone or even a phone adaptor.

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