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Upgrade question


Upgrade question

I have just recieved an email about the 8mb upgrade but have a question.
It's important that you stay connected
during this ten day period so that these tests can take place.

Does this mean that i must not turn off my PC for 10 days ?
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Upgrade question

You can ignore that info as it is wrong.

As long as you remain connected for some of the time during the 10 day period, it wlll be fine. A couple of hours a day should surfice (it does not have to be all in one go) and disconnecting / reconnecting (or switching PC off/on if you use a USB modem) is also good. Also missing the odd day or two is not a problem either.

If you use a router then just leave that on when switching the PC off.

All BT (and Tiscali as the above advice applies to LLU connections as well) need is for the connection to be on for some periods so they have enough time to guage the best speed your line will take.