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Upgrade Emails - Unclear and Confusing


Upgrade Emails - Unclear and Confusing

Hi all, I just wanted to make my points too. Smiley

We are a company with 2x 2MB Business Premier lines via Plusnet. They have been fabulous and the support is second to none.

However, It has become quite frustrating and impossible to understand what is happening with these so called "Upgrades". I take a simple and practical approach to this. If we are able to get 8MB we would like it please. I do not like getting generic emails saying that you "will soon be able to upgrade/get/enjoy up to 8MB". This appears to be unfounded.

We have waited for this to come to fruition. We got another email last week (well 2 emails one for each line) saying that Plusnet will communicate again, this week, nothing so far.

I find the whole thing a bloody mess. What are we going to get? WHEN are we going to get it? All this pushing people to BT sites showing Exchange upgrades and projected dates (which for reference are never up to date and poorly presented) for exchanges and sockets/cards in exchange cabinets is uttter nonsense.

Please communicate clearly and precisely what is intended so that people can understand the new services. So far to date its been a very poor communication and customer experience.

Plusnet, you provide an excellent service. Please clean up this communication and rectify this confusion.



Upgrade Emails - Unclear and Confusing

Hi Tony,

I appreciate where you are coming from. As a business customer and with the added benefit of managing a large number of Plus net accounts for my clients i understand fully your position.

With regard to the speed upgrades, up to 8mb.

This project is still in trial by BT and as such tthere is no firm date as yet for public roll out. There is much specualtion indicating a rollout as early as September or as late as Feb 2006. Nothing definate as yet.

The other thing to remember is that there is no guarantee that our phonelines will even support these higher speeds.

If the current upgrade program rollout by BT for speeds upto 2mb is anything to go by, many of us will see a considerable wait before the faster products become available.

So in effect the term "soon" is open to interpretation, but Plus Net are not in a position to give us any definates.

There is no doubt that the products will come. When, is the $64,000 question.

The recent improvements to the business product set is just the first stage in a rolling project which Plus Net have ongoing. Going forwards we will see other benefits and improvements to the Business product set.

I dont necessarily agree with the current marketing strategy with regard to the higher speeds but as long as we are aware of the facts we will be better informed and more aware of what is going on.

Hope this is of some help and I apologise for the long winded rant. Smiley

Upgrade Emails - Unclear and Confusing

Hi, thanks for that.

It's clear to me then that this is clearly just Marketing then. Is it an attempt to head off the "Bulldog" 8MB stuff for instance? If it is then they simply shouldn't lower to such tactics. I still believe that Plusnet offer a super service and we are not going anywhere unless the service levels lower of course.

I just find the whole thing rather insulting and messy. We simply should not be contacted whilst the change is in such a state of flux. We all know how chaotic BT can be about implementation and deadlines for such.

Stop the emails now. Let the new services surface, so to speak, and then talk to your customers. I find this whole affair rather off-putting. Given that we had dreadful dealings with the BT satellite team a couple of years ago I'd prefer not to know that we are subject to their fluctuating timescales.

Anyway, thats just my view, from a business customer perspective.



Upgrade Emails - Unclear and Confusing

Is it an attempt to head off the "Bulldog" 8MB stuff for instance?

It is certainly an attempt to keep Plus net at the forefront of product development.

One important aspect of the 8mb scenario that i failed to mention, is the possibility of Pn taking the LLU route. As i understand it, they (PN) have been seeking a deal with some of the LLU providers, though they havent as yet been able to agree terms.

This, if it comes off, could see the availability of faster speeds, albeit, limited by geographical location and the number of LLU'd exchanges.

They are keen to roll out the higher speeds. Where they might come from remains to be seen.

With regard to Bulldog. I personally would rather have a 2mb connection with PN, than risk the appaling customer service and support currently provided by Bulldog, so I really dont see them as viable competition, yet.
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Upgrade Emails - Unclear and Confusing

Just a thought how much does it cost to unbundle an exchange?

Upgrade Emails - Unclear and Confusing

Way out of my league.

I think we would need some of Phillip's wisdom to answer that question.

Upgrade Emails - Unclear and Confusing

There are also other ISp's offering LLU .

F2s and Ukonline for instance so there is other choice apart from Bulldog.

Still I think most people are unlikely to see 4/8MB until at least this time next year. BT still haven't finished the 2MB upgrades yet that were meant to be finished already!

Upgrade Emails - Unclear and Confusing

The last post says it all. Why send emails when it's no-where near being offered. :S

I'm not trying to be difficult here, it's just bad marketing and practice to offer something you have no control over, my last email said we'll be back in the next 7 days to tell you what you can upgrade to/what the offer is :S.