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Update on an old question


Update on an old question


I am quite desperate to get greater bandwidth on my ADSL line. Right now at 512kbps, the line stats read as follows (according to the router):

Atten 63db downstream, 31db upstream
SNR 11db downstream, 8db upstream

I know that these numbers are worse than borderline for BT, and a previous application for a 1 Meg connection was rejected a few months ago - but technology moves fast.

I also read in these forums of regrading taking place all over the place, some lines, with similar attenuation figures to mine, getting greater speeds.

Should I ask for a regrade through the website, or is there no hope?

Fingers crossed...

Line & Exchange Criteria Ivan

Hello joffroy,

All I can say is that from what I've seen and read from BT, as the programme of bulk (mass) upgrades to the 2MB service continues to be rolled out across the UK. I have heard much talk of the criteria for getting the full 2MB service (hence 1MB too) being relaxed. So previously people who were border line for ANY kind of BB service wil now probably get it, upgrades that were previously failures will get some better faster service. People who were 1MB might well now actually be able to get 2MB's etc.

The criteria for things like SNR & line noise, line attenuation, line length from end to end have been relaxed or extended. I think this is possibly due to the BT equipemnt in the actual phone exchanges being changed for better quality & higher power kit. This is the DSLAM that is changed or renewed.

I would just sit tight for a few more weeks if you already have 512K, you could check your exchanges capacity and also the kind of services its capable of. IF your exchange has been upgraded and now offers a full 2MB service then you could try again for an upgrade or regrade.

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Update on an old question


Many thanks for your response. I'll take a look at the BT Wholesale website to find out if and when my local exchange is to be regraded. A few months ago, I was under the impression that July was the target - BT being BT the roll-out programme is likely to be slower than anticipated.

I may also request an upgrade from PlusNet and see where that leads.

On your specific point re-: relaxing the limits, my understanding is that this was done in 2004 and new limits might be set in 2005, once the MaxDSL trials are completed. I suspect that BT are still going throught the trials and it will be some time before they take the bold decision to open up the network capacity further. I could be wrong there.

Best regards


Update on an old question


Have you had any luck with an upgrade from Plusnet ?