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I have been keeping an eye on these forums becasue my router has been synching at 2 MB for well over a month now.

I followed some advice I read on here and asked Plusnet to "unthrottle" me on two occasions and they promised me each time they would do so.

I have reguarly rebooted my router in case the change has happened but no, 3 weeks later and i'm still waiting! :shock:

Is this common? One of the support ticket replies said there is a delay in unthrottling and another waffled on about upgrading my package which I didn't really understand.

I am on ADSL Home Surf and a monthly contract which I refuse to move off.

Any ideas?Huh
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Welcome to the forums!
Until last week PN did not have the ability to unthrottle legacy accounts such as home surf and easystart without the customer changing to a newer package. However they apparently have found a way of unthrottling all legacy accounts en masse see Ben Brown's sticky at:
Try ringing again and having a bit of a moan see if that gets you anywhere!
Hope This Helps and Good Luck!


Thanks for the speedy reply!

I'll give PN another go Cheesy