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Unstable line - line loss? or conexant pci modem?

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Unstable line - line loss? or conexant pci modem?

Basically, I'm on the borderline for distance from the exchange, in fact the bt wholesale checker says I'm too far but BT gave it to me anyway.

Now it's in, it seems to be fine most of the time but if I start hammering it (ie: gaming!) in the end the modem shows cells being transmitted but noting recieved and the number of cell alignment errors shown by the accessrunner control panel just goes up and up and up!

Is it my line loss - 60db - and if so any tips for getting it lower?
Is it my modem - conexant pci modem - which apparently aren't great and can clash with via motherboard chipsets (I've got soyo dragon plus with... via chipset!) ?

Any ideas people?

Thanks a lot!!!

RE: Unstable line - line loss? or conexant pci modem?

My phone was also on the limit of the distance to the local exchange, but, I never experienced similar problems. In fact, my pings get me a lower count than some other people's pings on this board, without loss.
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RE: Unstable line - line loss? or conexant pci modem?

If your Db reading is borderline then you cant but expect problems. But could be that BT might have a old inline card at your exchange that doesnt like the conexant chipset, which you get them to change if you ask nicely enough.

Anyway as far as VIA issues, it more down to Which PCI slot the card is fitted, than a conflict. People where installing them in any free slot and expecting them to work. Due to IRQ conflicts they didnt work at all or where buggy.

Rule of thumb never install any PCI card that's processor heavy in PCI slots 1 and 5, that's if you have a AGP slot, if no AGP slot then not as much of a worry.
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