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Unstable connection with Dynamode A220 modem


Unstable connection with Dynamode A220 modem

I have the above modem running on Windows XP SP2. Last week the line could not remain active for more than a few seconds at a time so I could never connect. This week I have been able to connect abeit briefly and the modem claims i am connected at 1 Mb rather the 512 K connection I have been happy with.
Is the above modem able to cope with the increased speed? Is it causing the instability in the connection?
I did not ask for an upgrade to the line either have upgraded all 512 connections to 1MB?? :?

Help please.
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Unstable connection with Dynamode A220 modem

The modem can handle an increased speed automatically.

It may be that you've got your free upgrade, but they think your line can only support 1Mb. But if it's dropping consistently, then perhaps it can only support 512k.

I'd give Pn a ring on the 0845 number at the bottom of the page.
They will be able to tell you if you've been upgraded, and look at your line to see if it is synching properly.