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Unhappy Customer - Tags on the line


Unhappy Customer - Tags on the line

3 weeks after moving home I am still waiting for Broadband. We opted to keep our Telephone number as we were only moving 200 metres this was the first hurdle. The second was that the previous occupier did not cease their Telephone line so we had to wait another 7 days. Then the number was connected to the wrong line and now the latest problem is that there was a Tag on the line. I beleive this may have been from the previous occupant not cancelling their Broadband. But hold on..BT ceased their line in order to move my telephone service so why on earth do they not remove the tags as they go?

Interestingly, when I rang PN after having the Tag removed I noted that Support were very quickly able to confirm that the Tag had indeed been removed - so why on earth is this check not done when the order is placed - rather than waiting for it to fail first?

Anyway, I now apparently have to wait another 5-7 days for the Activation to be re-done. I am very unhappy about this. There is an express service available and I would like Plusnet to use that and ask BT Wholesale to waive the extra cost on the basis that this situation should not have arisen. Is this a fair and reasonable request?

If any managers at Plusnet see this would they please give me a call.

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Unhappy Customer - Tags on the line

The difficulty here is if the tag was for another ISP, even if PN had checked at the time of order, there would be nothing they could do about it as they cannot get a tag removed from another ISP. Keeping your old number does normally add additional time to any broadband move as well.

As to why the tag was not removed when the line was ceased, again this is in the hands of BT with PN having no involvement, and BT have been known to drag their feet in such situations and get all their many databases updated. There is also the problem of both BT retail and BT Wholesale which also can cause delays if one does not inform the other of changes.

It is very frustrating when things like this are compounded but again PN can only wait for BT/BTW to make the necessary changes before PN can place the order as an order cannot be places until the tag is removed.

The system for moving still needs improvement from BT/BTW.

Unhappy Customer - Tags on the line

Peter,thank you for clarifying. The process is certainly lacking in any form of fault tolerance.

My issue with Plusnet, is not that the Tag was there but that I was only informed about it after I had tried for 48hrs to work out for myself why my ADSL was not working after the promissed ADSL activation date.

IMO, the time to detect an issue such as this, and inform the relevant parties, is when placing the order - I or PlusNet on my behalf could then have had the tag removed immediately thus avoiding further nugatory effort. These behind the scenes checks and other activities are exactly what I beleive we should get in return for the charges levied for each move.

I am still waiting for someone at PN to pick up the phone and discuss. My contact details are in the Help Assistant Notes.

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Unhappy Customer - Tags on the line

I am not in the office, so I am unable to look into your case in specific detail, but taking the information you have provided at face value, we are unable to request a express (fasttrack) install without cost.

For the uninitiated, a fasttrack order will normally allow a provide to complete within 48 hours of being able to place a broadband order.

They are not gurenteed and in order to be able to request one at all, a standard 7 day order must have always been placed (the fasttrack is to speed up an existing order).

The standard order costs £40 inc VAT which as per standard processes, customers can pay or defer depending on account history (aka, have you already deferred).

On top of this, a fasttrack costs £100+vat. This means a total cost of £157.50 to activate it.

The fasttrack fee is not payable, were it is declined by us, BT or they are unable to bring the date forward. It will apply in all cases when we request one and we are advised service is activated on the date prior to or any time before the originally advised date (aka, a huge fee to bring the date forward only 24 hours).

OK, that all said, I am guessing you are wondering why we can not fasttrack your order?

Well, the majority of this situation was not at the hands of PlusNet or BT Wholesale.

You have noted that BT Retail your telephone provider, and the primary party in getting your phone line in and backend data updated to reflect orders can be placed, made the mistakes.

BT Wholesale played no part in this error and thus, would decline to fasttrack without cost. PlusNet would not absorb this cost either, as the majority of your problems were initiated by a process we play no part in, and has no relevance to broadband (other than it needing to be completed before broadband can be ordered).

The only way we can proceed here is for you to pay for the fasttrack yourself.

All is not however lost. Based on what you have stated, you have an argument to try and claim this cost back from BT yourself.

What I wont say is that you have a good argument. Unless you have a business line, there is the risk that BT could say that whilst they may have been at fault in installation, there is no justification for normal processes from this point to be speeded up.
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Unhappy Customer - Tags on the line

Hi James,

Have you read the blog post I wrote regarding provisioning? You can see it here:

From what you have stated, the issue that you have with us is that we only informed you about the tag on your line after you had requested the house move?

Unfortunately, the way that we look into orders of these type is to run check on your telephone number. As you kept the telephone number, at your initial request, we would only see that you had an active broadband service, which is obvious, as you were using it at the time! We have to wait for firstly the cease on your old telephone line to complete, your telephone number to be moved to your new address and then, we can look into whether or not the line is then clear.

It's a horrible process at times, but there are some plans in the wind with BT Wholesale to make this process a little bit easier, which I'll post about once I have further clarification from our friends at BT.