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Unexplained shutdowns


Unexplained shutdowns


This only happens when on the net I sign in surf and then I am told that the system will shut down in 60 secs because the RPC has terminated this was issued by the NT authority system. !!!!!!

Any help would be appreciated

WINXPPRO 256M 30 GIG 550Athlon GF2MX

PS Its not just my machine I know of Four other people all running XP PRO
My one is a genuine copy not a pirate copy
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Unexplained shutdowns

Well, I'd suggest initially you run "shutdown /a" from the start menu, to cancel the shutdown.

Then, go to the windowsupdate site and download all of the outstanding updates. This is a virus that is taking advantage of a vulnerability in the Microsoft RPC system, which was patched a couple of months ago.

To anyone else that is having this problem - keep up to date with Microsoft patches!


Unexplained shutdowns

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