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Unable to re-install ADSL software


Unable to re-install ADSL software

Following a re-installation of Windows XP Home Edition, I have been reloading various software packages to restore my PC to its former state. This includes having broadband running with PlusNet, which is annoyingly not working. (The Windows XP re-installation was not a full one; it only updated Windows XP folders. In thoery, all other folders should have been left untouched, which they appear to be.)

I am simply trying to re-install using the ADSL PCI disk supplied when I first installed PlusNet broadband about a year ago. (Note that I have the internal PCI card rather than an external USB modem.)

To tidy things up I have already uninstalled the Conexant AccessRunner in readiness for re-installation. Subsequently, when I turn on the PC I am taken to the Found New Hardware Wizard. With the ADSL PCI CD inserted, I follow the guidance given in the manual on the CD i.e. using E:\driver\Wan directory as the file source location. This then completes advising that the "Conexant AccessRunner PCI ADSL Interface Device" has been installed (Interestingly, it does not state that the "Conexant AccessRunner PCI Arbitration Device" has been installed, as quoted in the manual.)

The guidance then advises that 2 desktop icons will appear, of which I should double click the Conexant AccessRunner one to continue. No icons appear, even after re-booting the PC!! Nor can I find any equivament .exe file to manually run them. I am subsequently unable to progress further.

In a nutshell then, how on earth do I get theAccessRunner icons to appear on my desktop as I am told they should do, or how else can I continue with the re-installation and configuration of my ADSL broadband connection. I am having to use dial up access at the moment, which is infuriating as I am paying for a broadband connection.

Can anyone please offer any help in this? Many thanks in advance.
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Unable to re-install ADSL software

I've no experience of this actual hardware, but I would uninstall it again, unplug the hardware, reboot and check all the componenets are fully removed. Reboot again, plug in the hardware and follow the necessary steps in the manual.

This way you can ensure it is fully removed before reinstalling it. Also make sure you have ServicePack 1 or 1a installed before going though the install.

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Unable to re-install ADSL software

the installation has missed one part of the install so it won't work, so:

1. have the drivers in a known folder
2. open the Device/Hardware Manager and scroll down to the System devices and reinstall the drivers for these in turn:

Conexant AccessRunner PCI Arbitration Device
Conexant AccessRunner PCI ADSL Interface Device

and then finally if not prompted to install it then back up to networking devices and reinstall the drivers for the

Conexant AccessRunner PCI Wan Adaptor
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