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Unable to access


Unable to access

All broadband connections working OK.
Joined on Friday, upload stated successfully and then stopped. On re-try afew more images were uploaded,but now the welcome screen stays on "Initializing".

Could this be anything to do with plusnet?
Maybe, because of inital bandwidth use.

Has anbody any experience of using ? :?: and any issues with using this site via plusnet.

all help greatly appreciated

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Unable to access

No problem accessing the site from here

BB code doesn't work in the subject line
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Unable to access

The site loads up without problems here, I'd advise clearing your internet cache and trying to access the page again.
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 Chris Parr
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Unable to access

Hi tregerry

Welcome to the forums Cheesy

Please can I ask you to go easy of the Bold tags, they will not get to any quicker answers Wink


Uploading to

Many thanks for advising your experiences with "protectmyphotos". It would appear that they did have problems and then an outage for two days, on thier own admission.

Loading has started again now, though painfully slow.
I will be patient, at this rate it will take days/weeks !

Thank you to all who replied.