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USB vs Ethernet


USB vs Ethernet

having decided that my USB modem was rubbish, i decided to invest in a netgear DG814 router and netgear ethernet adaptor, and as soon as i got it up and running, my internet seemed to work alot faster, and downloads faster.

Is this a common case with ethernet products compared to USB products?? if so why make USB products in the first place, while numerous people in different forums have USB power problems on OS's such as win98.


RE: USB vs Ethernet

The USB standard was not thought about, with some of the much more hungry devices in mind.

USB comunicates, in a simalar fasion, to that can be used to send broadband over telephone cables. The data rides within a power stream (this is off basic information, correct me if I am wrong).

Most USB divices, only serve as a converter, by translating DataTypeA in Computer data. IE, telephone signals into computer data.

After this, it's upto the drivers of the device to do further processing. This means that USB devices eat away at your CPU, that could be used for other things.

The same applies with PCI based ADSL modems, thow these are usualy faster, because they have the added advantage of being directly on the PCI bus, without power conversion.

Ethernet is faster again, because most of the processing is built into the network cards. Operating systems have been built with networks in mind, and as such, have direct support for processing network traffic, with low level drivers.

USB and PCI ADSL modem, have had to be built around using the CPU and top layer drivers.

Since in a ethernet, only network traffic is processed, it's up to the netgear router to do the job for you, with regards to processign ADSL traffic. THis has been specificly designed with this in mind, and is much more upt ot he job.

Through all fo this:

USB PRO's: Small, unobtrusive, self powered and minimal configuration

USB CON's: CPU dependant, can be power hungry, no low level support, slow in information translation

PCI PRO's: Can't be seen, self powered, minimal configuration

PCI CON's: CPU dependant, still no lower level drivers

LAN PRO's: Low level drivers, simple to add further computers, very mature product, low CPU overhead

LAN CON's: May require complex setup

RE: USB vs Ethernet


As I understand it, USB devices have a small lag compared to Ethernet devices.

I would think that they are more popular because of the cost. Also, and responsible for the price, is that the USB modems (like winmodems vs external modems) are driven by software on the PC - rather than a firmware/hardware based solution. Which also makes configuration from a Windows PC simpler

RE: USB vs Ethernet

From first hand experiance i have learnt that Ethernet is alot better. At home we have a Btinternet connection with there standard USB modem they send out. Pings in games were pretty good around 50-100, iv just gone to uni and got ADSL set up in my house here. We use a router to connect and my pings are between 30-35 on a good server (they were NEVER that low on usb Smiley. Cant say the downloads are any quicker (infact slower but thats plusnet and i havnt fully tested it yet, 50-60k/s off peak) but you have to keep in mind that btinernet probably provide a better connection. i never got disconnected once from btinternet...
Just so you know 30pings is ALOT better than even 50, i always new that low pingers had a big advantage but even the difference between a ping of 50 and 100 is MASSIVE in games like CS.
hope i make sense...