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USB Starter Pack


USB Starter Pack

Hi, i've raise this via contact us but just wanted to see if anyone else could advise me

I see from my ADSL Tracker that my USB modem is out of stock and the supplier is currenty awaiting supplies

Taking ito account i found a USB modem which i am using now - would it be possible to get the delivery fee refunded and change to a wires only service?

I would still want the 12 month contract so i wouldn't have to pay the activation fees etc

Any advice would be appreciated



USB Starter Pack

If you want to pay the £21.99 per month - you'll have to pay activation, regardless of contract length.
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USB Starter Pack

The out of stock error can also be because your postcode is not recognised.

Raise a contact us ticket explaining what you saw on the tracker and ask for your order and delivery address to be verified with the supplier. It is rare that an out of stock situation occurs, a bad or incorrect postcode is normally the cause.

The additional cost of the easystart package (£24.99) includes the cost of your activation over 12 months and you effectively get the hardware free. For the ADSL Home package, activation is £70.50 for 1 month contract or £58.75 for 12 month contract.

USB Starter Pack

ok ill just leave it then and keep the modem as a spare

What about upgrding? is that a option? or am i stuck on 512k for 12 months?
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USB Starter Pack


It can never hurt to have a spare modem. I've got a Alcatel frog as a backup, came in handy when my router died. Useful for fault fault diagnosis too.

As far as upgrading to 1Mbps, you can do this at anytime, there's no need to wait until your 12 months are up. At the moment there's a special offer on the regrade fee (the regrade must be completed before the end of April to qualify).

USB Starter Pack

Hi Dave,

ah fair play for your honesty - i will look into 1MB but i will more than likely want 2MB - i bought 512 as it was a entry level

I also have to tell you that my friends in the pipex group i left are stunned at the fast activation time. pipex had me up in 4 days - you had me up and running in 2 days and 6 hours Smiley

I'll sick with 512 for a few weeks - but i'll definetly be douing the regrade before the end of april Smiley

One question please..

If i went to 1 or 2 MB would i need you just bump up my speed and still keep me to 12 month term? if so that's fine - i got it into my head that i would have to pay the activation fee etc.

Also what about regrading - so in a few months time - i am happy to give you a 12 month contract - but i would like flexibility for when the income lowers and raises. also is a regrade or upgrade near instant? or does it require another exchange visit?

I think i am right in saying sheffield is a manned exchange - so shouldn't be long i hope Smiley