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USB Modem or router for single PC?

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USB Modem or router for single PC?

I'm helping someone move from dial-up to broadband. Usage will be very limited, and they have a single deskside PC. They want something that is as easy as possible to use. What are the pros and cons of a USB modem vs a router? I'm inclined to go with a router, even though a bit more expensive. What do you think?

USB Modem or router for single PC?

USB Modem:-

Turned off at night when not in use
Dont need a network card
Easy to set up

Connecting every time can be a chore (like on dialup)
Not quite as stable as a router
Most dont have any means of line stats
Consumes a USB port which could be user for other things


No need to manually connect everytime, reconnects/provides an always on connection
More stable than a USB modem
Has line stats available
Built in firewall protection

Need to network to it (altho not a major problem)
Problems can mean going through pages of options to find the problem
No warning if your line drops unless you look at the lights

that pretty much sums up the pros and cons.

if i was going to recommend one of the 2, id go for the router.
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USB Modem or router for single PC?

The Speedtouch 536 router has a usb port as well as a network port which can be useful if you don't have a network connection (also lets you connect a second PC if you ever need to.)