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US Robotics 9003


US Robotics 9003

I have a US Robotics 9003 Sureconnect ADSL Ethernet Router
Account is a 2mb Premier Home.

My TCP/IP Props are:

SubnetMask -
DefaultGateway -

I have a habbit of turning my router off everynight and then turning it back on every morning. However I 've been having problems with it not connecting ever since I moved house and setup a new conenction with Plusnet..

I turn it on and the green light flashes and goes steady (it doesnt go off or anything). All appears to be working until I try to access the net which it doesnt want to. I have to reboot the router several times (sometimes up to 10 times) before it allows me to access the web. However I can connect to the web config of the router.

Any ideas what my problem might be?

simalar problem with usr 9003 sureConnect ADSL router

I've just been trying to set up same without much luck.
Log in problem:
On device web interface, on the WAN setup page, the Status of the Current ATM List entry for :
After reset or power cycle - permanently says "negotiating" nb have to keep doing Refresh to get current status.
By using "select" radio button for the entry, toggeling the "Enable NAPT" or "Enable DHCP" entry then clicking "Modify" produces an "Active" status after just a few seconds - connection to plusNet then works.
But do SAVE then RESTART - I'm back to stuck on negotiating, even though the Saved options are all reloaded correctly.
I found a mention of exactly the same problem with Pipex connection
I've put in the latest 20040317 firmware but no different.
Anyone know if it's worth getting a replacement usr9003 ?

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