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Two ADSL Modems


Two ADSL Modems

Is it possible to use two computers with two ADSL modems on the same line in order for two people tp access the internet at the same time, or am I being daft.

Two ADSL Modems

I don't think you can do that. You'd best get a router if you want more than 2 PCs and added security...or setup internet connection sharing through windows on one PC.

two modems

More specific answer is you cannot do that because you will being trying to use two mac addresses, only one will be acceptable.
As previous answer, use a router with more than one rj45 output or use one with one output and a switch/hub this will enable either or both computers to connect either seperately or at the same time without the need for both PCs on togther.

This is what I have X3 Zoom with a 16 port switch (bit over the top) but I have conneted 2 printers 3 computers and server windows and Linux.


Two ADSL Modems

Your MAC address explanation is false in the case of ADSL and I am guessing your are originaly from a cable environment.

The truth is that a phone line can only carry 1 ATM signal at any 1 time. Thus, when one modem is plugged in, the second one can't be used, as the signal area is allready in use.

In a way, DSL works like a LAN in tapology.

Think of the exchange as a hub or switch.

On any single wire pair from one end to the other, you can only have one device (with the hub at the other end).

2 Modems

Thanks guys

Looks like it has to be wireless networking then. Anyone any advice on brand and is it easy to set up. At the mo I have a PC and a laptop both with network cards running W2000 Pro. Also can you network computers running different OS. ie XP and W2000.

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Two ADSL Modems

Can't help you with suggesting the wireless kit but yes you can network different operating systems.

Two ADSL Modems

I asume you have broadband. Sound like you dont have a great deal technical knowledge, I have only a moderate knowledge but also some experience of networking pcs and connecting them to the internet.

I suggest an all in one box that is simple to use to which you can plug in 1or more PCs to get broadband or network to the other computers

About a year ago I statred with broad and at that time the only choice in my opinion was the Netgear DG814. It is a 4port all-in-one box.The main reason I chose it was by far the easiest to for a novice setup using internet explorer, and in the very unlikely chance you have a problem their help desk is very helpful where you can phone up and speak to a real person. (The problem I had turned out to be nothing to do with there hardware but they were still helpful).
I have bee using for a year and am very happy with it. They now do 2 wireless versions. Wireless is handy but slower for networking, there are two common standards 10&54Mbps. NICS are 10/100 and usually opperate at 100Mbps. but remember any of these wil be faster than your broadband connection.
I now there is now more of a choice such as Belkin or D-link., but I thought it might help to get info from someone who has had one in constant use for a year.

also checkout ADLSguide on the internet

PS I have used it with two very different operating systems at the same time.