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Trying to set up wired home network


Trying to set up wired home network

Hey everybody

I'm trying to set up a wired network between two windows xp pc's. They already share my plusnet connection going through a NETGEAR DG 834 v2 Router, i want to connect them up to share our printer and to share documents. I have tried windows basic home networking wizards, but they just arent working, does anyone have any better program or an easier way to do it.

Thanks in advance.
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Trying to set up wired home network

Do you have a software firewall on either/both systems - if so which. These often need to be told to stop restricting other PCs on the local network or allow the ports that Windows uses for local file sharing.

Have you enabled file & print sharing on both PCs?

Have you shared the printers and folders so others can see them?