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Troubles with connection XP and various USB modems!


Troubles with connection XP and various USB modems!

I have been with plusnet for around a month now. I have had nothing but trouble with my connection!

Currently running

Win XP Home SP1a

Solwise EA900 modem

I have intermittant connection speeds, badly writen drivers, and it just getting too much trouble. Getting read to throw in the towel!

Did not help when Plusnet closed my ticket regarding these problems.

They told me to re-install the modem drivers. last night - well aren't they so clever as if I had not tried that in the first place!

Now I am not being funny here, but I am on my second make of modems, originally had the binatone, dreadfull bit of kit. Binotone were completely useless, so i got it changed ( free of charge by plusnet - god bless them!) to a solwise modem.

The solwise modem seems to be a bit more stable than the binatone, but only by a margine.

There seems to be a bit of confuse regarding install USB modems. You INSTALL the drivers first for any equipment that uses a USB port! If you are using a USB modem, make sure it is plugged into a USB powered Hub, and make sure windows does not do any power management on the modem.

It looks like you can not 'switch' users when you dialin. Which is a bit of a pain, since It would be nice to have a download running, whilst the wife is cruising the net.

Does any one know what ATM connection is, under Networking? You get this when you install the Solwise modem. Ask plusnet, they did not know!

Have tried the BT speed test, have got connected, but get a error trying to find the page. Has the page changed it URL?

Now I have got that off my chest!

Is plusnet going to trial PPoE? I think it would be very useful for Windows XP users. I'll like to put my name forward!

Troubles with connection XP and various USB modems!

The PPPoE system is still in development accroding to my source, and is not yet ready for the sign-up stages by ISPs.

From what I can see, most of the things required to provide the PPPoE functionality is in place, with a few exceptions on the smaller BT Central pipes.

However, BT are still in the development stage of making it actualy available for use.
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Troubles with connection XP and various USB modems!

Heres some info on the PPPoE system

PPPoE authentication in final pilot to providers

BT Wholesale has slowly been upgrading the various types of BT Central (pipes used to connect an ISP to the BT Wholesale network) to support PPPoE authentication. The last stage involves the the rollout of an auto-sensing mechanism for PPPoE on the original implementations of 2, 10, 34 and 155Mbps BT Central connections.

PPPoE is an alternate method of authenticating yourself with the service provider, and the vast majority of ADSL kit sold in the UK will support it now. Though there generally is no benefit in switching from PPPoA to PPPoE. Where it will make a difference is that the Windows XP Broadband connection wizard uses PPPoE, which could allow providers to drop the old dial-up style interface. The other benefit is people who want to use a Cable/DSL router, until now if you had a single IP address ADSL account there was a limited choice of hardware, with PPPoE the choice widens in terms of what you can use for the modem - with PPPoE it will be possible to use any modem that supports PPPoE bridging.

It should be highlighted that the use of PPPoE does not mean you will be getting an Ethernet presentation at the wall socket. The line will still be a G.DMT ADSL line, therefore cable/DSL routers WILL still require an ADSL modem.

Where people are using an ISP that is taking part in the pilot they may find that modems that auto detect the line type may detect PPPoE now, rather than just PPPoA. Until such time as ISPs announce full PPPoE support it is advisable to stick with the PPPoA set-up.

the news is from adslguide


Troubles with connection XP and various USB modems!

Yup, I have seen that, however, I have other sources direct from BT.

If it is now in that stage, the trial applications will have now closed. It would now be upto PlusNet to state if they have applied or not.

Thanks for the info! Does Plusnet have anything to say?

We just need plusnet to say yes to BT and get it switched on asap, Windows XP and USB modems are driving me round the bend!

Although, might purchase a nice netgear wireless router\modem ADSL after Xmas.

We'll have to wait and see.

BT are currently looking at my line, for any faults. Synchronisation errors!



Sharing XP Connection

In response to one of the points raised at the start of this thread :-

I am running Win XP Pro and can quite happily share my broadband connection with fast user switching. Whether this works the same on XP Home I do not know.

When setting up the connection I selected 'save password for all users on this computer' rather than 'just for me'. I also have IE setup in all profiles to use the ADSL connection as default and to 'dial whenever a network connection is not present'

Can switch users back and forth no problems then. Only thing to watch out for is when logging off the user that originally initiated the connection XP will ask if u want to hang up the modem. As long as you say no, it will stay connected for any remaining users.

Oh and I am using the Binatone modem with Windows XP SP1a with no problems so far Wink .


Troubles with connection XP and various USB modems!

Have tried the BT speed test, have got connected, but get a error trying to find the page. Has the page changed it URL?

You could try using the IP address instead - or