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Trouble with your ADSL connection? Using a Connexant-based


Trouble with your ADSL connection? Using a Connexant-based

I don't want to repeat what i've already said in other post "ADSL PCI Starter Pack" so you may want to read that first.

Consumers of ADSL just need to know 2 things, what modem to get and how to self-install it?

The self-install part is actually easy even for a novice user. The real problem is the modem itself.

There are 2 main ADSL chipset-modem available:
- Connexant
- ITeX Apollo 2 and Apollo3

There are pros and cons of each chipset-based modem. In my opinion Connexant is cheap and general and the ADSL modems seem reminiscent of the old 56k softModems. As I've found in general the IteX chipset modems "just work" and are v. reliable, synch with the exchange is done during your PC boot up and not after windows has started which means you are "always on" more instantly then the Connexant modems which I found I still had to wait for after Windows was loaded.

The chances are like I found with my mate recently, if BT say the line has been 'activated' and you're having problems connecting, it's most likely due to an incompatible Connexant modem and not your phone line itself which for all you know is actually activated and working.

Another thing i will say about first time connecting is that even if you have INCORRECT modem settings (VPI, VCI etc.) you should still be able to sync with the exchange even if not PlusNET themselves, this primary connection to the exchange is more important before you concern yourself with PlusNET's connection to you via the exchange.

RE: Trouble with your ADSL connection? Using a Connexant-ba

The DabsValue ADSL Connexant-based PCI modem is just a mere £35 (originally £55 6 months backs). That is the right price for any Conexant branded modem and look at the long list of user review @ I see nothing but trouble it's caused people. It's cheap and cheerful if it works on ya system, it does on mine but i still dislike it hence i went for a proper one from Alcatel, it makes sense for how long I shall be using it for, buy it good first time.