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Trouble with downloads and Surfing


Trouble with downloads and Surfing

Windows Xp home
Solwise SAR-110
Explorer 6

Motherboard Abit NF7-S rev 1.0 - latest drivers NIC on board.

I am having troubles with my ADSL connection. Works great 75% of the time but sometimes when I click on a link nothing happens!

IE just whirrs away and the page doesn't appear. Click stop and refresh the page appears almost instantly.

I am also having problems with downloads. Download starts fine, usually at about 52K, then just stops.

Also sometimes when I use IE to access the configuration of the router I get the same symptoms as above. Nothing happens, click stop and retry all fine.

Feel like a problem between PC and router. Any one any idea how to fault find this?

Trouble with downloads and Surfing

Are you letting the machine obtain the details via DHCP or have you manualy assigned them?

Whichever it is, try switching around to do the oposite.

Also, try switching DNS settings so that they point direct to the +Net DNS servers (details HERE). Your router may act as a relay, which can cause problems.

Try disabling uPNP in windows if needed, I have seen simalar symptoms where uPNP caused simalar effects/

Trouble with downloads and Surfing

Thanks for the speedy reply

DNS settings are correct and point tothe PlusNet DNS servers.

I don't know what uPNP is or how to disable it, where would Iook to check it?