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Transfering domains to plusnet and running off home pc.


Transfering domains to plusnet and running off home pc.


I might have got this slightly confused. I used to be a web developer / net administrator a few years ago and had a conversation with a friend who still is. I hope this makes sense.

I own several domain names and would like to look into transferring them to plusnet. These are not commercial sites, but personal / hobby related and have virtually no traffic.

Once I have transferred the domains to plusnet I would like to set up an alias on the domains pointing to my static plusnet ipaddress and then use http forward headers on IIS (I think that is what he said) to run 2 or 3 domains off my home pc.

Is this possible and if so how would I go about this? If I transfered the domains, is there a control panel I can access to configure the alias, or would I need to ask the plusnet team to manage this?


Transfering domains to plusnet and running off home pc.

Yes is the simple answer. Not sure what account you have as they come with different options on hosting domains for free. Under My Account you have Domain Names option and within this you have a option to transfer existing domains in. If you use this option you will also change the IPsTag and PN will be responsible for the administration and will charge approximately £60 when renewal is due. You can request hosting only and keep the your currect registrant but to do this you have to raise a ticket with the request. There is no automatic tool to do hosting only.

To save my fingers typing it's easier for me if you follow the link about setting up the domain records to point to your IP.