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Traffic Management


Traffic Management

It'd be very usefull if a Plusnet customer support person/s or forum administrator replied to this. First of all, it has become apparent that premier is now being slightly traffic shaped for p2p applications to ensure low ping/latency for VoIP and other things requiring this.

However, I am a keen Counter-Strike player, and pings are always very good between 1am - 4/6 pm. Considering that this traffic management was meant to ensure the highest of quality during peak periods, you'd expect the latency to be low.. i.e. around 20 - 30 ms. This however is not the case, for the past week even after this traffic management was officially announced by Plusnet, I've noticed pings on ALL sites/servers being from 100 - 600. I for one find this apalling considering the whole purpose of this management was to ensure a better quality service. This is not the case.

Why won't Plusnet simply admit they need to expand their network capacity rather than just being 100% behind this new management scheme. If this management scheme had indeed worked I would not be here now complaining about it. If you notice the utilisation graphs you will still see that the graph shows the network is nearly always maxed out during peak periods, obviously resulting in higher latency and slower downloads.

Plusnet made a 2.2 million profit over the last year, I find it disgusting that they/you won't invest any of that money into ensuring a high quality service which we have grown to expect in previous years. Stop being greedy as this will only result in your own downfall. Now please sort this out asap.