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Totally confused


Totally confused

Seem I may have been Max'd as my adsl router (Netgear 834G v2) is reporting Sync at 3392 down and 448 up.

When I use I get

Your current broadband speed is 8000 Kbps

This has been as above since I was Max'd 20th May (day I noticed sync speed had changed).

What gives as, when I speed test this connection I get approx 795 kbps down and 374 kbps up. Ups fine by me but I really don'r get what's going on with the down figure.

Who needs to change what for me to get 3 Mb ?

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Totally confused

The whole maxdsl thing is up in the air at the minute. My line speed syncs at 7000kbps and has recently changed to on plusnet line speed page to reported 6500kbps, sysnc is always above 7000kbps on router, with downloads of 3.4mbs being the highest.

Plusnet have advised that BT are working on issues like this and are trying to sort them out. It transpires that everyhthing went wrong when things were submitted using the bt bulk upgrade tool. All customers upgraded using this tool can see line speed sync higher but only achive lower downloads due an error in thier upgrade tool code.

We now all need to wait for BT to fix their mess.