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Top service, cheers


Top service, cheers

Just thought I'd drop a line to say thanks to Plusnet for the top service. I ordered my ADSL home self install on Thurs 26th July and lo and behold, 6 days later it is active and working perfectly:

Starting speed test...
Do not use your connection until the test has finished.
Downloaded 32768 bytes in 1251ms
Fairly slow connection, trying 262144 bytes.
Downloaded 262144 bytes in 7671ms
Now starting download test
Downloaded 262144 bytes in 4839ms
Estimated downstream speed is 423Kbps.
Uploaded 133120 bytes in 6619ms
Estimated upstream speed is 157Kbps.
Uploaded 133120 bytes in 3785ms
Overall estimated upstream speed is 215Kbps.
Results stored.

>>> Speed: 423Kbps (down), 215Kbps (up) <<<
Test complete.

Top marks Plusnet, cheers