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Too much pie


Too much pie

I don't know about the rest of you but I've thrown my teddy out of the pram. A bit childish maybe, but then I've been made to feel like a bad little boy by PN.

I, like a number of you, have been having speed issues over the last few days. I have carried out the speed tests as suggested and found the BT tests okay but PN's to be very slow, as low as 64K. I also noticed my IP address had become static but I had not received any notification that my service had changed. So I raised a ticket and asked PN if they could confirm if my connection has had speed restrictions imposed on it and they confirmed it had. The reason for this being due to the amount of data downloaded. I also asked what the limits for my service are and when the restrictions will be lifted. The question of limits has not been answered but the reply to when I get my service back was as follows. "There are no time limits of when restrictions will be lifted, because BB+ is a managed account".

Come on PN, surely its good practice to inform your paying customers there is a problem, and request they adjust their use of the service before slapping a restriction on connection speed. Fair enough if I'm abusing the service and affecting other customers access then tell me so I can do something about it. Don't let me waste time carrying out tests and looking for problems which don't exist. And have the good sense to inform me.

I've been with PN for almost 2 years and during that time I have enjoyed great service and recommended PN to others. However, now I 'm left wondering where to go from here. I don't know when my 2Mb connection will be restored and I don't know what the limits for my service are. Knowing the limits would help avoiding this situation arising again.

As I said at the start, I feel like a bad a little boy who's broadband has been taken away! I certainly don't feel like a valued customer or an adult!

Too much pie

i totally agree and have posted similar views but im affriad i think all isp's are of simialar standing now all about cramming as many people in without having to spend money on upgrading! but then it brings down the cost of the service i myself would rather pay if im garenteed no restrictions than have a joke connection like up to 8mb for 14.99 ! when i can only download for a few days then the cuffs are slapped on.

I just think plus net should deal with this a bit better they obvisouly have a few more than a few offenders requiring a larger download limit ! if you dont like it dont just ban the customer and force them to another isp sort out a product package that is suitable, theres nothing more frustrating than a slow connection spending hours trying to figure it out and it turns out its not you its your isp! plz understand why we shout..

i my self am considering the 8mb broadband priemer after some helpfull links from other users on this form i found out it has limits of up to 200gb downlaods before any capping so as long as your downlaoding through the night it should be fine

i understand that others could possibly be affected by many downlaoding i also understand your running a business and more bandwidth is more customers on for cheaper fees, but at what sacrifice? i understand the capping but im worryed its just an excuse for more money by isp's

any one else have views on this maybe we can get a sensible discusion going about it ?