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To connect or disconnect??


To connect or disconnect??

Hi all - I've not had to come here for a longggg time (which is a good thing I guess Cheesy)

Anyway, my line was upgraded last night (as in really done, not just got the mail!) and, no, I'm not going to ask why it's still getting a throughput of 2Mb, I've done my reading and know all that, in fact it seems to all be going swimmingly!

I was just wandering whether I should be staying connected for the next 10 days OR once or twice a day pulling the plug on my router for 10 minutes?

When MaxADSL was first announced way back when I'm sure the mail's from PN advised the disconnecting but the mail received this morning contradicts this and advises to stay connected as much as possible. So which should it be?

I've a Westell 2100 router and have to say that i never normally disconnect it ever. Often i can go 40 or 50 days on the trot, holidays and thunderstorms aside :lol:

[EDIT] I've removed my query relating to interleaving as i've found my answer on the announcements forum. I'll leave my stats link below though just for the hell of it Smiley

PS: Ignore the SNR (Margin) figure. It normally sits at about 6 and indeed was earlier but there's a whopping great thunderstorm overhead right now so i'm guessing that might be pushing the figure up?!
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To connect or disconnect??

Thunderstorms can create problems which can result in frequent loss of sync.

Suffer too many over a given timescale and BT will start upping your Target Signal to Noise Margin in increments of 3 dB.

You would have started with a Target SNM of 6 dB so if you are up to 8+ that probably translates as 9 dB.

Interleaving I think is one of the first things BT do when your line exhibits instability.

The normal advice, and others may choose to disagree, is to leave the Router powered up for the duration.
People using USB modems obviously tend not to, so you could argue its not critical either way.
Disconnecting once a day for three days after the Trial is completed can be necessary if your Profile is 'stuck'.

I would however recommend disconnecting the Router the next time you experience a thunderstorm or at least if you start to see loss of sync during such conditions otherwise your Target SNM could keep rising, limiting your future speed, and you are likely to have great difficulty getting it lowered again.

To connect or disconnect??

It seems that interleaving is now switched on by default:

Although saying that, I'm a little unclear if "All new customers" refers to completely new to PlusNet or new to the Max service...

I've never experienced or reported a fault so I'm guessing the latter.

Anyways, I think then I'll just leave things connected for the entire 10 day process like I would normally do and see how we go. Maybe switch the interleaving off via the control panel (they say there will be a link) after the first 10 days if my gaming continues to be sluggish.

Thanks for the advice.


To connect or disconnect??

Oh, PS: Whilst still not nice weather here the thunderstorms have long since passed over and my Margin has settled back down to 6.5 Smiley