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Tips to lower Attenuation


Tips to lower Attenuation

Just a couple of small tips for people wanting to lower their Attenuation and raise their SNR ratio (if i remember thats all good) not by much but every bit helps i suppose!

Tip 1. if you need an extension cable, make sure its a high quality one, dont string loads of smaller ones together as it will raise the attenuation and lower the SNR ratio.

Tip 2. Go to every socket and clean the pins on the phone connectors and inside the socket if you can, best tool i find for this job is a tooth brush, maybe use a bit of WD40 to losen any muck a bit.

Tip 3. Try different cables (if you have some) from your modem/router to the phone socket, i seem to get different results from different cables, tried an old 56k one and my attenuation went down from 48 to 45, altho my SNR suffered as a consequence.

I know it doesnt seem a lot, but doing the 2nd & 3rd tip ive lowered my attenuation by 2dB from 48.4dB to 46.1dB on the downstream, upstream also lowered by 1dB, my SNR also went up 1dB each.

Trying to prepare myself for higher speeds when they come into force, so every little helps towards a reliable connection!

Hope it helps you all a bit!
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Tips to lower Attenuation

Those are very good tips. Maybe one of the team should consider moving it into the tutorials section or somthing. Will be handy for alot of people.
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Tips to lower Attenuation

Also, make sure that you are using the best possible microfilters.
A search on the forum will give you some recommendations.

If practical use the master BT socket for your router, this should give the signal.


Tips to lower Attenuation


I cannot move topics into different forums, but I will raise the idea of maybe covering a tutorial about this subject.

The only danger I see with this sort of stuff, is where your connection is borderline between speeds. For example say previously you couldn't get 2Mb but after these changes you can. You need to consider that when your connection is upgraded it can push these values up and thus push you back over that threshold. You also could stand to suffer from a greater number of disconnections as your line might not really be able to support the speed.

It doesn’t always work out as a problem, but it can, and I think it’s something people need to be aware of before taking these measures.