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Timing of a managed ISDN -> Broadband conversion


Timing of a managed ISDN -> Broadband conversion

Here's my situation;

I currently have Home Highway installed - but my local exchange is converting to ADSL on Feb 25th.

There will be no problems with distance to exchange - but given any other risk of failure I have elected to use Plusnets "managed" conversion process to ensure I don't have to pay a re-connection charge if all goes pear shaped.

I really wanted BT to do the work on the 27th feb (due to BT needeing access to property) and signed up in plenty of time to give them adequate notice.

But after spekaing to CS - I believe that my line has to pass the ADSL test before a ticket can be raised and then I'll need to wait a further 10 days or so before BT can be booked...argh..

What I'm really after is booking my conversion on the 27th (2 days after exchange is upgraded) - should any last glitch delay exchnage go live - then obvioulsy my booked time would have to be re-arranged.

Just wondering how other people have dealt with this managed conversion process before their exhange is enabled?

Appreciate any replies..

Timing of a managed ISDN -> Broadband conversion

The ordering process works in that PlusNet submit a pre-registration with BT Wholesale.

However, BT Wholesale will not process any orders from any ISP, until midday on the day of activation. Nobody has any of there order process until this point.

It is only at this time, can PlusNet look to seek a HH conversion date/time.
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Timing of a managed ISDN -> Broadband conversion


We'll resubmit the order for you when the exchange is enabled, however it is unlikely we'd be able to get an appointment slot only 2 days after the RFS date. BT normally set a 7-14 day lead time for ISDN conversion appointments. We'll try and arrange for as early a date as possible but we can only book the slots that are available.