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Ticket 20426405, please action


Ticket 20426405, please action

Someone please take a look at this ticket for me please.

My internet was down last month for three weeks, a BT engineer was sent out to fix the problem, internet back on for less than a week and its down again (most times of the day.)

Can you arrange for another engineer to visit asap, dont ask me to complete bt speed tests, it is not possible and i will not be doing them because of this.

All my hardware has been checked and changed.

If you need to speak to me phone the number you have on file for me as it seems to take about 4 hours to get through to you.

Ticket 20426405, please action

Hi there.

I am locking this one in favour of your duplicate post in the Community Support Forum.

Its more likely to be seen and actioned in that forum and cross posting is against the rules.

Hope you get sorted soon.