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Ticket 20255671 (Up to 8Mb Upgrade) (Closed)


Ticket 20255671 (Up to 8Mb Upgrade) (Closed)

The above ticket was sent on the 10th September. At 2:15 on the 11th September I got a reply in the question saying that it had been acknoledged by a script (Unused ADC Developers).

The script said that it would be dealt with "ASAP". I haven't heared a thing since. Is it normal to close an upgrade ticket like this? I am very close to the exchange and have had rock solid broadband since 2001 with other suppliers as well as PlusNet. The 2Mb upgrade went well.

I had an email earlier in the Summer stating that Shirley (Southampton) exchange would be going LLU. If it hasn't gone LLU is there any way I can find out when this will happen. And if an exchange does go LLU does it only go LLU with a particular supplyer (Tiscali, or Demon etc). So that if it is for exampe Demon, than Tiscali LLU would never be possible at that exchange because it had been baged by another company?

Note ADSL Guide only appears to have a demand tracker, not an LLU tracker.

Ticket 20255671 (Up to 8Mb Upgrade) (Closed)

I'm wondering this too I was under the impression the upgrade would take up to 2 weeks and during that time I may suffer stability problems etc. So before I went on holiday (27th August) I made the request for the upgrade and today I have come home and nothing has changed.

Not that it really matters anymore as I need to cancel my subscription...

Ticket 20255671 (Up to 8Mb Upgrade) (Closed)

I have used this link to check on the state of exchanges

hope that will help, but it will not tell you when if ever plusnet will upgrade you, in the past I have been with a few ISPs one evern gave me a 4mb stable conection, BT tell me they can give me 3 1/2 mb at least, but all im getting from plusnet is 1mb ( on a good day ).

I requested a upgrade months ago but they have not upgraded me yet, so I am now looking at other ISPs as well.
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Ticket 20255671 (Up to 8Mb Upgrade) (Closed)

At the moment we're only upgrading people who "opt-in" as in your case.

The script generates an automated reply as it's just a way of registering your interest and joining the queue to be maxed.

To minimise impact on our Customer Support Centre, and to monitor the performance of max closely, we are only placing 1000 orders a week from this pool.

If you'd like to be maxed sooner, you could register your name on the Comms thread where we'll endeavour to get your order placed ASAP.

It is important that you are aware of the potential implications of a regrade and have familiarised yourself with this document on our portal :