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Thousands of errors?


Thousands of errors?

I got put onto maxdsl on the 15th Oct and all has been fine
until I get from 11.40pm to 7.40am = 9hrs, 23,591 error seconds,and 52,890 errors.

Why has my line suddenly developed lots of faults?
previous sync rate max was 3338
previous stable rate max was 2500kbps
snr margin - 6.2-6.6
line att down- 52.1

current sync rate 2118
current stable rate is 1500kbps
snr margin - 6.4-6.6
line att down- 53.1

I`ve replaced the filter and removed extension wire and phone
but made no difference.
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Thousands of errors?

Don't know.

Have you raised a ticket with all the relevant information on? If not, can you - then I'll take a look at your account and see what I can find.



Thousands of errors?

It could be the weather as often thing change when it rains.

Thousands of errors?

I raised a ticket on Sunday morning and fault checker was run
and found no faults.
Still waiting for a response after giving more info on the
problem,its been 2 days now.
Not think its the weather thats causing it.

My current sync is 1021 Cry was pretty stable at around
3104 to 3338 until Saturday.