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This is getting a joke


This is getting a joke

PlusNet Bandwidth Meter

Your current bandwidth reading is:


Which means you can download at 7.19 KB/sec. from our servers. Our results show that your current speed is below the level we would expect for your product, you may be able to increase the speed of your connection by adjusting your settings. Please refer to our speed optimization page for more information on getting the most from your ADSL connection.

53.3 kbps 56k Dial Up
57.5 kbps YOU
64 kbps ISDN 1 Channel
128 kbps ISDN Dual Channel
460 kbps ADSL 500
920 kbps ADSL 1000
1840 kbps ADSL 2000

come on plusnet sort it out
i did a bit better on adsl's speed test
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This is getting a joke

just did a test and all fine here
and with PN's

Which means you can download at 56.23 KB/sec. from our servers
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This is getting a joke


There is already a thread going on in relation to this, which is sticky at the top of this page. If you could post again there it means I can work with you all to look at the problems people are reporting. Having multiple threads about the same thing really doesn't help me to help you!